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This is our most popular contract option, as it is with most other similar builders. With this option, you will get a 100% complete home, move in ready home, for a firm, established price prior to beginning construction. This is a firm, contract price that does not change unless you, as our client, makes changes during the construction process. With this price, you have set allowances for the items that could greatly vary (cabinets/tops, flooring, lighting, fixtures, tubs/showers, millworks, etc.) This allows you to budget for the items you will pick out for the home, keeping you within the established contract price. With this contract option, the benefits to you, our client, are:

  • You have a professional builder to 100% complete your home
  • You have a firm price prior to starting construction
  • Very little time is required of you, other than choosing styles and colors to make your home yours
  • You pay us with 4-6 draws (depending on size and amenities of the home) and these draws are established prior to contract signing

You have a standard 1 year builder warranty and a 10 year warranty option
With this option, the only negative aspect is although this option requires less time from you during construction, you will typically pay 7%-12% more with any builder when you sign a lock and key contract when comparing the total cost to the other contract options available.
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