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This option is very popular for many clients. This option requires more time from our clients, but also results in a lower, final cost than the lock and key option, while having a professional builder handle the entire process. With this contract option, we are paid a percentage of the total building costs, both materials and labor, which normally is between 15%-20%, depending on each particular job. As our client, you have the option to choose each and every item for your home, including particular tradesmen, should you have friends/associates you prefer to do particular work on your home. You have the flexibility to change your mind on anything for your home without any change order fees.

We purchase all materials at our wholesale costs and the savings are passed directly to you. In many cases, our discounts save you more than the percentage we are paid. During construction, you receive a “check request form”, every 2-3 weeks. Attached to this form is an actual invoice copy of every invoice due to us during this particular check period. You pay us the total of the actual invoices, plus our percentage which is agreed upon prior to beginning construction. Each check request also includes a current, to date, job total so you can plan for the items needed to complete the home, while always knowing where you are at in your construction budget.

This contract option will require more communication between you and our management team than the lock and key option. With this contract option, the benefits to you, our client, are:

  • You will have a completed end cost which is less than a typical lock and key contract
  • You are very involved in the decisions regarding all aspects of construction and you approve all expenditures
  • You receive an actual invoice copy for every dollar spent on your new home
  • You have a standard 1 year builder warranty and a 10 year warranty option

With this option, the negative aspects for you are the amount of your time required for choosing items and approving expenditures and you do not have a firm, upfront price since that is determined by the items you pick for your home during construction.
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