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Vinyl liner swimming pools are popular across the country, boasting gorgeous features suited to any climate or lifestyle. Affordable, stylish, and fast to construct, vinyl liner swimming pools are a solid investment your family and guests will enjoy for years.
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Vinyl Liner Shapes

Some pools have sleek geometrical lines, while others use soft, organic curves to create a more hand-formed appearance. Rectangular pools are consistent best-sellers, topping the list for most popular pool shapes. But while the classic rectangle will always be timeless, many homeowners prefer alternative shapes like crescent, lagoon, or odyssey pools.
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Vinyl Liner Patterns

Liners are available in numerous patterns. Choosing one you enjoy is important since the liner defines the look and feel of your pool. All Vinyl liner graphics are for illustration purposes only. It is recommended by the manufacturer to view an actual sample before ordering your liner. Color may vary from what appears below.
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Vinyl Pool Walls

Since it will serve such a critical purpose, it’s vital to choose your pool wall system wisely. For example, you should weigh the pros and cons of using steel or polymer construction materials — a decision that will impact your budget and the amount of maintenance you will need to perform in the future. We're here to help you make the right choice.

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Steel Pool Walls

Today’s homeowners have a choice between two basic types of vinyl pool walls: polymer walls or steel walls. Steel pool walls offer strength and durability and utilize galvanized steel which helps resist corrosion and prolong the life of the pool. Steel pool walls are 100% customizable so we can design any shape and size to complement your pool.

Polymer Pool Walls

While steel pool walls can have their advantages, they aren’t necessarily the best choice for every homeowner. Many people prefer polymer pool walls as an alternative to steel. Polymer pool walls manufactured by Latham are 100% corrosion-free, offering unmatched durability and resilience. When installed properly, polymer walls stand up to the test of time, weathering decades of even the brightest sunshine and rowdiest splashing. Not only is polymer tough and rugged; its anti-corrosive properties also make it ideal for saltwater pools, which are increasingly popular due to their easy maintenance.
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Accessories & Add-ons

Vinyl pool add-ons can make your pool a safer, more attractive, more valuable investment. Take your vinyl liner pool to the next level with an exciting and elegant assortment of accessories by Latham Pool Products. We offer dozens of unique, highly customizable extras and add-ons, perfect for giving your swimming pool that finishing, tailor-made touch. Elevate any design by adding steps, ledges, coping, or other vinyl pool upgrades — all backed by our industry-leading warranties.


Pool Steps

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Coping & Decking

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Tanning Ledges



Let's Get Started

Planning an in-ground swimming pool as part of your dream backyard is a fun and exciting journey. We're here to guide you through the pool-planning process and help you explore pool shape options, compare different design ideas and create a budget in order to build your dream pool. Get in touch with us today to begin the journey to your new oasis.
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