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This is the least utilized contract option, but one that does work well for those who want to be VERY involved in the construction process, and essentially acts as their own builder. If you have construction knowledge, but still want the guidance and knowledge of a licensed builder to assist you along the way, this is a good option for you. Our fee for this service is determined prior to starting construction, and typically runs 4%-8% of the total estimated cost of the home. We are paid in draws, which are established prior to starting construction. With this contract option, the benefits to you, our client, are:

  • You get into your home at practically the lowest possible price point
  • You get a plan review and site review prior to starting construction
  • You get 1 site visit per week and unlimited internet/phone support during construction
  • You have a professional contractor looking out for you and your best interests

With this option, the negative aspect for you is the amount of time required, as you are essentially your own builder. Although you do not have a warranty from us as a standard builder warranty, we will assist you in knowing who to call for any warranty issues you might have with your home.
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